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Empower Your Projects with 20,000+ Electrical Solutions

Looking for unparalleled selection and quality in electrical supplies? Maple Electric Supply stands out as your premier destination across North America, catering to all your electrical needs with a vast array of over 20,000 products. Whether you're in the United States or Canada, we've got you covered!

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At Maple Electric Supply, "Quality Unmatched" is not just a statement; it's a commitment we live by. We present a superior brand selection that delivers on the promise of excellence. Our products are handpicked from the best in the industry, ensuring that every item in our catalog is a paragon of reliability and longevity. Discover the Maple Electric difference, where the quality of our supplies is eclipsed only by the brilliance of our service.

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At Maple Electric Supply, we take pride in offering a wide range of Arlington Industries products, specially selected to meet the diverse requirements of electrical, construction, and telecommunications professionals. Arlington Industries is recognized for its innovative and high-quality electrical fittings, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their product line encompasses everything from conduit fittings and electrical boxes to home theater installation systems, all designed to simplify installation processes and enhance safety. With a focus on engineering excellence and practical functionality, Arlington Industries products are ideal for projects demanding the highest standards of durability and performance. Explore our selection of Arlington Industries offerings at Maple Electric Supply and equip your projects with solutions that lead the industry in efficiency, safety, and ease of use.

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